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 360 Degrees Approach to Online Advertising

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing is very similar to the Google Adwords program. Like Adwords, when you set up pay per click advertising in Yahoo!, you will bid on particular keywords. Each keyword has a maximum bid price, and the more popular a keyword is, the higher you will have to bid to get good placement. You get the flexibility of choosing your keywords, writing your own ad content, and linking the ad to various landing pages and pages on your site.

Benefits of Yahoo! Search  Marketing

Yahoo! is not as popular as Google as a search engine choice. For this reason, some marketers choose to ignore Yahoo PPC internet marketing services, but this is a mistake. Yahoo! Search Marketing has several benefits, including:

More affordable costs per click
Only pay for success
Reaches a market that ignores Google
Provides all the flexibility of Adwords

If an Internet marketer is going to create a diverse marketing plan, it will include both Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

Keyword Research and Analytics

Like other PPC systems, Yahoo! Search Marketing requires thorough keyword research. Advertisers need to find keywords with an affordable per click cost that will still bring in traffic. Keywords that are too popular will drain advertising revenue with high per click costs, while keywords that are rarely searched will not cost anything, but will be a waste of time and energy since they will not bring in any traffic.

In addition, Yahoo! Search Marketing success requires an understanding of PPC analytics. You must be able to track conversion rates and use that information to figure the return on investment for particular keywords. If you do not have a good grasp of the analytics involved with your Search Marketing campaign, you will not reap the benefits of choosing the best ads and keywords. Since you set a daily budget for Yahoo! Search Marketing, you can adjust your ads regularly, allowing you to test various keywords and advertising strategies in order to find the one that is the best fit. As a Pay Per Click Management Company, we’ll help you understand your PPC analytics.

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