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 360 Degrees Approach to Online Advertising

AdWords Costs

There is No minimum spending for AdWords, and no minimum contract requirements or other "lock-in" rules apply. You have complete control over the maximum amount that you want to spend per click, impression, or day. You can also pause your campaigns or cancel your account at any time.

Use the Account Fees and Payment Options Finder to find out about AdWords costs and payment options. After you select your currency and location, we'll show you exactly what spending requirements you can expect from us (there aren't many) and which payment options you'll have. You'll see that you can pretty much spend as much or as little as you like.

Here are a few basic things to consider when trying to assess the cost of your AdWords campaign.

Set your budget

  • There's no minimum spending requirement.
  • You set the limit on how much you're willing to spend each day -- called a daily budget -- per campaign.
  • You specify how much you're willing to pay per click or per impression: this is called your maximum cost-per-click (maximum CPC) or maximum cost-per-thousand-impressions (maximum CPM).

Pay only for results

Choose to pay only for clicks on your ads or only for impressions your ads receive.

Take advantage of automatic discount features

AdWords includes two automatic pricing discount features:

  • Smart pricing -- a feature that automatically reduces the price advertisers pay for clicks if our data shows that a click from a Display Network page is less likely to result in a conversion
  • AdWords discounter -- a feature that monitors your competition and automatically reduces your actual cost-per-click so that you pay the lowest price possible for your ad's position on the page. After each auction is run and your ad is ranked, the AdWords discounter adjusts your actual CPC so you pay the minimum amount required to exceed the rank of the next ranked ad
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