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 360 Degrees Approach to Online Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Company for e-commerce


The Orientalist is the largest Persian carpet importer in South East Asia. Despite being a prominent brand in Singapore and the region, its website was not ranking well, and below other smaller competitors.

Web Marketing Campaign Objectives:

  • Obtain better organic rankings than local and regional competitors
  • Confirm brand leadership by having no 1rankings for core keywords like "persian carpets singapore"
  • Bring clients to Singapore and Dubai stores
  • Advertise punctual promotions

Project Execution

 Technical Challenges:

  • Original TheOrientalist website not Search Engine Friendly
  • A very large catalog to transfer (thousands of carpets)

Project execution:

  • Site transfer to Content Management System
  • Complete website re-write
  • Search Engine Optimisation Campaign- 6 months
  • Weekly ranking reporting for all targeted keywords and search engines
  • Google Adwords Campaign - Ongoing
  • KPI follow up through Web Analytics
  • Mailing List Optimization

Client Testimonial

Testimonial Coming Soon

In the meantime, check ranking for "persian carpets singapore" here.

Ceetiz 2013


Ceetiz is a travel industry player similar to Viator, selling holiday tours, packages and excursions to holiday makers planning trips to most of the poplular tourist destinations in the world. It has a similar offer to Viator. All packages are sold online. It relies solely on Search Engine Marketing for traffic generation.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign Objectives:

  • Sell packages online
  • Reach target ROIs as per client's objectives

Business Challenges:

  • A competitive space, with large horizontal players and local operators competition
  • Manage the critical balance between ROIs and revenue

Project Execution

Technical Challenges:

  • Complex campaigns with very large number of products, destinations, keywords and ads to manage
  • Coordination between different language localised campaigns

Project execution:

  • Running English language SEM campaigns worldwide
  • KPI (ecommerce revenue + ROI) follow up with strict targets
  • Performance marketing campaign focused on Acquisition costs (CPA)
  • Fast Remarketing to match short buying cycle (5 days)
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